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HIGH QUALITY - 100% rustproof, food-safe 304 stainless steel lunch set. Practical size of 25.3*18.5*5cm and optimal division into five compartments. The high-quality lunch box is particularly durable and saves your money. EASY CARE - Dishwasher-safe and rust-free, but also very easy to clean by hand. After a short wash, your lunch box will always shine in new splendor. HEALTHY - Free from plastic, BPA and plasticizers. Checked to be free from harmful substances by an accredited institute. Your snacks stay healthy and tasteless. Perfect for children and adults who value healthy eating. SECURE - The lid is tight to keep your bags clean. This is ideal for sports, school, kindergarten, on the way to work and while hiking. The sturdy stainless steel can withstand any stress - in case things get a bit sportier. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Free of toxic substances and made of 100% recyclable stainless steel. With your purchase you are helping to free the environment from annoying plastic waste. Buy now and make a contribution to the health of your family and our planet. Plastic and pollutant free We deliberately refrain from using rubber and plastic in production and only use 100% stainless steel. Our lunch box is therefore largely free of plastic, BPA, plasticizers or other harmful substances. It is therefore not suitable for the transport of liquids. Frustration-free packaging We also use sustainable raw materials for packaging. This consists of 100% cardboard, contains no plastic or glue and can be dismantled, folded up and disposed of in no time at all. Recyclability means that no resources are wasted.Stainless Steel Lunch Box price website:http://www.aohea-cn.com/bento-box/stainless-steel-lunch-box/
Stainless Steel Lunch Box price
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