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Product Description 1.XAAR1201 adopts the latest piezoelectric thin-film technology (MEMS), with long head life, fast printing speed, high precision and perfect output of mural wall covering 8 D printing. 2. Four-head configuration of XAAR1201:White+CMYK,varnish can be arbitrarily combined, even good at leather printing. 3.We have double heads/4heads option of EP3200of this model, compatible with full-color professional printing soft film bottomless paper transparent silk. 4.XP600-Low cost head, Arbitrary combination of four heads can realize white color varnish printing. 5. Special collecting and feeding system can realize compatible printing of multiple materials. Parameter NameEco solvent digital printer Product modelXL-3200P Print HeadEP3200XAAR1201/XP600 Qty42 Print Speed6PASS 14m虏/h6PASS 10m虏/h 8PASS 7m虏/h8PASS 6m虏/h InksEPS3200 Special inkXAR1201/XP600 special ink Media PVC, leather, soft film, light fim, transparent silk Transparent car stickers, transparencies,transparent fims, wall coverings Transmission InterfaceUSB3.0 RIP SoftwareMainTop 6.1/photoprint/Printfactory Machine Size5100mm*1250mm*1600mm Package Size5230mm*1140mm*1620mm Weight1250KGCustomized Piezoelectric Printer website:http://www.x-rolandprinter.com/sublimation-printer/piezoelectric-printer/
Customized Piezoelectric Printer
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