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BLT freight elevator is equipped with frequency transformer for speed regulation, significantly improved the elevator operation performance and is more energy-saving. BLT freight elevator鈥檚 load capacity and operation speed are better than those without frequency transformer.
The motor power of the traction machine is transmitted to the traction wheel via the reduction gear box, it is called gear traction machine. The power of the drag device is transmitted to the traction machine on traction wheel through the intermediate speed reducer, the reduction box is usually driven by worm and gear (the helical gear is also used), the traction ratio is usually 35: 2.
The new design layout of frequency transformer gear traction freight elevator is more reasonable, further reduce the area of the machine room, which directly reduces the customer鈥檚 civil construction costs and brings more design space to the building. The high-strength cabin design makes it lighter and easy going with various working conditions. The accurate weighing sensor strictly detects the elevator load to ensure the safe operation of the freight elevator. The ground is made of anti-skid pattern steel plate, firm, wear-resistant and anti-skid, even it is contaminated by oil but it still can generate enough friction to prevent people and goods from slipping. The high hardness cast iron sill can bear high load without deformation. The Optimized design of shock absorption mechanism provides comforts when the freight elevator operates with speed of 1.0m / s and above.Elevator


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